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  • Summer 2019

    The summer of 2019 is setting itself up to be one of our biggest yet! With plenty of events still to come, a lot of new product to be seen, and a few cheeky surprises along the way, we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we will.  Events Summer 2019 is quickly becoming event-filled. …

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    Why we Love a Good T-shirt

    At Hager-vor, we love a good t-shirt. Long sleeved or short sleeved; subtle text design or colourful graphics. It doesn’t matter. We love them all. And with Cornwall quickly warming up, we’re confident t-shirt season is very nearly upon us. But we’re not the only ones. In the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing more …

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    Design Inspiration: Glide

    It’s time for another behind-the-scenes look into our inspiration at Hager-vor again! This month, we’ll be looking at the Glide tee — an all-new design for us and our current tee of the month. As always, Cornwall and the nature around us have heavily influenced the design. The design features three identical lines inside a …

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  • Why we’re excited for summer in Cornwall

    This year seems to be flying by, and summer is quickly coming over the horizon. For us, like many others in Cornwall, summer is our busy season. The influx of people visiting the county is a drastic increase from the winter months but it’s so important for all of us that call Cornwall home. With …

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  • Why we love St. Ives

    St. Ives is integral to the Hager-vor story. It’s where we have our first and, at the moment, only store but the town ran through our brand DNA before a brick-and-mortar store was even a consideration. Similar to Godrevy in our previous blog post, I have a lot of family connections to St. Ives and …

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