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Our story

Taking its name from the Cornish translation of ‘rough sea’, Hager-vor has grown to stand for the extreme lifestyle we follow. We can be found riding the waves of the world, hitting the fresh off-piste powder of Chamonix, cruising the California coast on our skateboards, or sticking to our roots and scrambling down the cliffs of Cornwall to get to the secluded surf break that only the locals know about. 

Our design inspiration comes from the environment we are proud to call home shared with external influences from the subcultures we find ourselves in. We acknowledge 90s hip-hop and skate culture as two prominent interests of our youth and we bring you them with a distinctly Hager-vor vibe.

With 100 years in the clothing industry, Hager-vor has a solid family foundation to build upon. From this history, we continue to welcome new members into the Hager-vor family and support local talent and businesses when it’s possible.

Having seen first-hand how quickly our Cornish beaches disappear, at Hager-vor, we strive to be as ethical and sustainable as we can. From the sourcing of fair trade garments, our continued effort to use less plastic, and using recycled plastic where it is necessary, we aim to create a world that everyone gets to enjoy.

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